About Us

Hi there, we are the editorial team of Iron Horse Owner’s Club, a comprehensive website for anyone who is or will be cycling on a regular basis. We are more than happy to bring you a full suite of information relating to this outdoor sport, including the latest news, buying guides, tips, and tricks, along with product reviews.

Our team

We are led by a dedicated content director who has been cycling professionally for nearly four decades. He has also had years of experience as a competitive runner in addition to cycling.

Besides, we have a handful of editors with varying experience relating to the sport, including a woman who has been riding on the road for years before working as an editor about bikes for a decade. Now, she also does off-road rides along with mountain biking.

Then there’s another editor who knows everything about bikes and accessories who can answer any question about bikes and their components, having traveled around the world to attend product launching events and exhibition shows of bikes. He’s responsible for planning, preparing, and conducting our product tests.

We also have a senior writer with a passion for bikes and bike engineering. When it comes to how a bike is made, she is an expert. She knows exactly what is suitable for a rider based on their needs, characteristics, body shapes, etc.

Apart from these amazing people, we have many more editors and experienced writers on our team. Most importantly, we all share a passion for bikes and cycling as well as great care for you. We are committed to only delivering the highest-quality content for you.

Our site

We arrange out content neatly into different categories including news, tips, and tricks, buying guides, product reviews, and forums, making it extremely easy for you to find information. Our posts are also presented in a uniform manner with uniformed titles so that you can easily search through keywords in case you don’t want to scroll endlessly to find a post from the past.

  • News: Update the latest news about newly released bikes and accessories.
  • Tips and tricks: pro tips to help you cycle more easily and improve your performance.
  • Buying guides: step-by-step guides on choosing the perfect product for you by considering all the important factors and reminding you of what really matters depending on each type of product.
  • Product reviews: detailed, thorough, real-world reviews into bikes and related products like cycling helmets, clothes, gloves, etc.

We have a forum dedicated to all types of riders. No matter if you have been cycling for a long time or are about to start, you can come here to ask questions or give answers. We understand that though our posts have covered almost everything you need, there are still tiny problems coming up depending on each person’s specific situation. That’s why we created and monitor a free forum where everyone can join, discuss, and exchange their experience to help on another cycle better.

Here, you can post questions or answer another member’s questions if you can and want to. All questions are free to discuss as long as we remember that answers may be based on personal experience and viewpoints only. Our moderator team will scan all the questions and answers, clarify a confusing issue, correct wrong answers, discard trash posts, and other tasks to keep the space clean, safe, healthy, and useful for everyone.

Our recognition

With such a dedicated team and years of experience, we have earned the trust of millions of viewers around the world, and this is the most incredible recognition anyone can get. We are proud to bring practical, useful information to millions of monthly active users.

We have also been listed as one of the best places to find cycling information by many news outlets. Our forum attracts a lot of visits and interactions every day with several vibrant topics to discuss. Furthermore, we have got countless feedback from users saying how our buying guides have served as an instruction to help them find the perfect product step by step.

All of these love and trust from all of you are the most powerful pulse to push us forward and continue to thrive to keep being the amazing website you visit.